Procedures and guidelines for borrowing reference materials

Our service in this section is to provide reference materials and to help users to  find the required information in the shortest time and  with the least effort. We work to develop appropriate solutions to any problems faced by users and provide them with information from available sources. Arabic references are classified by the Arabic letter (م ), all foreign reference materials  are classified by the English letter (R) and the code that appears above the request number. Users  can also identify these materials through the online catalogue. Our services are as follows:

1-   Reference materials are available for users inside the references hall.

2-   Reference materials may not be removed from the section without first  receiving permission from the supervisor.

3-   Digital materials are made available to users on computers within the reference section.

4-   Responding to users’ queries

5-   Setting up training programs for students to train them  on the use of reference materials and tools, such as dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and bibliographies. They also learn how to extract information from these materials.

6-   Preparing objective bibliographic lists and making them available to users.

7-   Providing a scanning service where the supervisor  can help users to scan the required documents with consideration of copyrights laws.

8-   Providing photocopying service for users using photocopying machines which are available at the library. Permission from the supervisor is required for this service.

9-   Helping users and responding to their queries by filing a request, or by phone, fax or email, or in person.

10-    Teaching staff may reserve reference materials for a certain period according to their requirements.    

11-   Teaching staff and MA students may borrow reference materials according to the following procedures:

  • Users should file a request for reference materials.
  • Users should provide  a copy of their  ID card.
  • Users should obtain prior permission to borrow reference materials.
  • If the required reference material is not available at the Women’s Campus Library, the supervisor can request  it from the Central Library at  the Men’s Campus.
  • Reference materials may be borrowed on  Wednesday at the end of working hours,  and must be returned on Saturday at the beginning of working hours.
  • Users must return the borrowed reference materials on time. Otherwise, they will be sent a warning and will be prohibited from borrowing reference materials in the future.

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