Protocols and instructions for periodicals


Periodicals are important sources of information, especially for the university library, which accords great importance to scientific periodicals in all fields. A Periodical is a sort of printed magazine which is published on regular basis (weekly, monthly, seasonally, and annually). It has a unified title with several volumes. Many authors write articles in a periodical.


Periodicals are used by members for research purposes inside and outside the university. The periodical section includes the following:

  • Arabic scientific periodicals.
  • Foreign scientific periodicals:  The library has ended its subscription to these periodical and it is now concentrating on accessing international digital periodicals which provide full text versions of studies. The Deanship of Library affairs is subscribed to these periodicals.        
  • Arabic bibliographical periodicals.
  • Daily newspapers.
  • Old newspapers archive
  • General cultural  magazines

Services provided by the periodical section:

1-   Guidance and instructions for members on how to use the periodical section.

2-   Periodicals are for on-site reading only.

3-   Periodical are not available for loan. 

4-   Members are only permitted to photocopy periodicals using the photocopying machine inside the section.

5-   Users and members can use lists of bibliographies which are available in the periodicals section and organized according to the Dewey decimal classification system to simplify the search process.

6-   Users and members can use lists of bibliographies which are available by using computers specialized for this task inside the periodical section.

7-   The staff  in the periodical section provide the following services for the users:

  • Teaching users how to use the digital index to search for periodicals.
  • Updating the periodicals on regular basis through the following procedures:

-  Updating the section by providing the latest editions of the periodicals and displaying  them at the entrance to the hall. 
- Preparing updated lists of the new periodicals and making  them available on the section’s computers.
Displaying  lists of the latest editions of periodicals on plasma T.V screens at the entrance of the section.

  • Provide selective dissemination of information service and provide faculty and scientific departments in colleges regularly by editions of the periodicals that fall within the scope of their concerns, and this service is tailored to the needs of each  scientific  department by thematic areas for each section.

8-   Preparing indexes for Arabic periodicals on special shelves with instructions for using them.

9-   Preparing a database for the periodicals available in Arabic. All the articles and studies are listed for users on the section’s computers.

10-               Organizing the latest editions of the King Abudlaziz University magazine on specialized shelves according to the Dewey decimal classification system.

11-               Preparing a special corner for reading public cultural magazines.

12-               Preparing a training program for the university students to teach them how to identify the available periodicals in the section, search for specific information, and prepare periodicals indexes.

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