Procedures and guidelines for donations


Donation procedures:

The library accepts donated materials to increase the variety available to users. Donation is an important source of valuable materials to the library. We welcome donation from different individuals or foundations such as students, visitors, teaching staff, colleges, and educational institutions.  


Conditions for accepting donations:

The Deanship of Library Affairs welcomes donations from individuals and foundations which fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Donated materials must be in a good quality with appropriate content for educational purposes.
  2. The content of the donated materials must not contradict with  the library polices and rules.
  3. Donated materials will be added and indexed in the automatic system and they then  become part of the library collection.
  4. Donors  should provide a statement in which they confirm that the library will have  full ownership of the material and has the right to donate it to other foundations.    
  5. The donor has the right to put her/his name on the cover of the donated materials.
  6. The Deanship lists the donator’s name and the number of the donated materials on its website.
  7. The deanship gives the donor  a thank you letter and announces the donations during activities if they exceed 100 materials. 

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