Rules and regulations of the library


The library adopts various regulations to ensure high quality services, to maintain its premises, and to keep order and silence to provide the best environment for library users. The management reserves the right to ban  users who do not respect the regulations.

  •  The general policy of the library:include the specific policies which  are designed  to facilitate achievement of the library’s objectives whilst taking into consideration budget constraints.
  •  Regulations and guidelines concerning the loen service:The lending service is considered one of the most important services which the library offers to the users.
  • Regulations and guidelines concerning the references service: The role of this service is to assist users to access sources of reference information and to guide them in finding the answers to their queries in the shortest time and with the least effort.
  •  Regulations and guidelines for special groups:The library provides this specialist service in a separate section to assist members to  find rare documents, theses, government publications, maps, and manuscripts.
  •  Regulations and guidelines for borrowing periodicals:Periodicals are important sources of information, especially for the university  library. For this reason the library gives special care to  scientific periodicals in all fields. They are classified according to the Dewey decimal classification system.
  •  Regulations and guidelines concerning electronic services:The library provides electronic services free of charge to all users, including  students and teaching staff.
  • Regulations and guidelines concerning the library’s programs and activities: Throughout the academic year, the library endeavours to provide various short courses and training programmes.  These are designed to encourage reading,  to provide training in how to do research and how to access sources of information. These sessions are also designed to encourage more frequent use of the library, to improve research skills, to keep users up to date with the latest developments at the library and in general, to permit the library to provide the highest quality services as required by the users.
  • Regulations and guidelines concerning photocopying services: The library provides this service in line with international copyright laws.     
  •  Regulations and guidelines concerning donations:Donations are an important valuable source of materials for the library. We welcome all donations from individuals or establishments. Donators include  students, visitors, teaching staff, colleges, and other educational institutions.  

Guidelines on the use of the library:

 The library makes a constant effort to supply various sources of information  and provide a range of services. It also seeks to maintain a quiet environment for users. In order to assist the library in achieving these  objectives,  users are requested to consider  the following directions.

  • All materials in the library are tagged and recorded by the security system.
  • All abayas and personal property must be stored  in the lockers before entering the library.
  • No food or personal possessions are allowed inside the library.
  • All visitors must ensure their mobile phones are in silent mode whilst in the library.
  • All visitors must keep quiet and keep the library clean and tidy. Anyone who violates these regulations will be penalized.  
  • Users  must take care of the library equipment during their visit,  including materials, machines, and furniture. Tables and chairs should not be moved and any actions which may cause damage to library equipment are also unacceptable.   
  • Users are allowed to bring their own books into the library, but they should be checked by the security staff before entering.



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