General Policy of the library


The following mission statements

include the major mission objectives, regulations and procedures which are currently implemented at the library and which aim to achieve the mission objectives of the library taking into consideration the budgetary and other constraints.

  • To contribute to achieving the university’s mission and objectives in the promotion of research, culture and knowledge, as well as working for the community.
  • To respect the  rules and regulations and implement them in accordance with the library’s general policies and system of penalties.
  • To provide services in an equal and fair manner for all users.
  • To support effective development programmes for departments, electronic systems, the library’s mission policies, and in-house training for staff members.
  • To provide a clear organizational chart on the university website, which shows the various sections, developing guiding signs for each section which provide information about the collection and services, including indexes and the open shelves.
  • To prepare annual statistical reports concerning users, information sources, and services.
  • To develop the proficiency of the library staff, specialized technical expertise, skills of social awareness, leadership and professionalism when dealing with clients which enable them to achieve higher levels of performance.
  • To stay up-to-date on scientific and cultural developments on the local, national, regional and international level, as well as to pursue the personal interests of individuals and groups through holding lectures, meetings, seminars, workshops and organizing various activities.
  • To achieve information security in order to preserve the copyrights of authors and users and to  emphasize the principle of fair treatment for all users of services provided.
  • To develop and encourage the habit and skills of reading for all different categories of students and help them to achieve independence in research and study through the traditional and modern information systems and the different resources available.
  • To support the university courses by providing textbooks and any valuable secondary materials.
  • To acquire, supply and provide various sources of information in multiple traditional and modern forms for all client groups.
  • To organize the  library collections, including recording, classification, indexing, extraction, computing and other operations which ensure proper control, conservation and maintenance.
  • To facilitate access for users to research articles, references, periodicals, books and other sources of information as required.
  • To provide access channels through  internal and external borrowing and mutual lending between libraries, supplying documents and photocopying.
  • To provide  guidance and counselling for users through different means, such as virtual tours available on the library's website or organizing orientation programs, courses and workshops which are held in the library building.
  • To provide various information and desktop services. This includes assistance with desk services, issuing necessary bibliographic lists and providing loan services, imaging, and copying. Moreover, the library focuses on supplying awareness leaflets and brochures, publishing announcements, Internet services, databases and electronic archiving,  as well as training and assistance for users and assisting them so that they  can benefit from the collections available at the library.
  • To provide all services through either traditional methods (directly by bulletin board, printed leaflets and brochures) or modern methods via the library's website, or e-mail.
  • To comply with the library rules and regulations and  schedules, which include visiting procedures, treating the library staff with courtesy at all times , and taking care of of the library's holdings.
  • The library accepts any suggestions from users and tries to involve them in various causes of both social and developmental nature.

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