Department of special groups


This department is considered as one of the most important in the Central Library because it is serves different classes of researchers (including teaching staff, undergraduate and post-graduate students, whether registered at the university or at another institution).

Moreover, the agency has recorded full-text manuscripts on microfilm and microfiche, and these are available to all researchers.

The Department’s Units:  

Formal prints:

These are prints which come on an official basis from government institutions, (such as statistics and reports)and they are organized according to the indexing system of the relevant Ministries.


The Department keeps dissertations and theses from King Abdulaziz  University  completed by postgraduate students (Masters Degree and PhD )in all specializations, in the Arabic and English languages and photographing /photocopying is allowed by teaching  staff and postgraduate students with certain regulations and procedures, and recently acquired works can be accessed by going to the following link.


These can be obtained or photocopied at the library on the Men’s Campus, and researchers are required to provide a letter which proves a need for the manuscript.  Teaching staff are exempted from this requirement. The manuscript should then be sent for photocopying at the researcher’s expense.


Microfilm records of scientific articles (microfilm and microfiche), can be borrowed from the library on the Men’s Campus ,and there is special device supplied with printer to read the scientific articles and print them.

Electronic archives:

This involves electronic storage of full text manuscripts and theses for later recuperation.

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