The administrative affairs

      The students’ administrative affairs department of the central library is considered the point of liaison between faculty, the different sections of the library and related employees. It is also the link between the departments, the students' library as well as the interior and external agencies pertaining to the female students.

      The department is an executive unit that supports the faculty regarding all administrative, technical, financial, and operational affairs. Its duties also include the general services and maintenance activities. In addition, this section which is under the supervision of the vice dean, plays a major role in planning and implementing the stated strategies concerning the development of services and improvement of library activities.

        The department takes pride in following the required functions; punctuality, quality control, monitoring and coordinating necessary missions. It is also responsible for all employee issues, including promotions, allowances, salary delays as well as other emergencies. Further, the department is responsible for fulfilling the requirements of the various departments, as well as solving any encountered problems and obstacles.

        The administrative affairs department is organized as follows:  the Director, the Head of General Affairs, the Head of Public Relations and the Secretariat.  


Ext Name

Departments Manager


Mrs. Azzah Mohamad Said  Alghamdi

The Director


Mrs. Hessa Sulaiman Alsowania'a

The Head of General Affairs


Mrs. Hafsa Othman Alseni

The Head of Public Relations


Mrs. Lubna Hilal Hamadi

The Secretariat

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