About the Deanship


Brief History


The University Library was established in  the year 1387 H / 1967 G at the same time as the establishment of the University , and was evidence of the  recognition of  the importance of libraries as an essential element in the educational process.  

The  Deanship of Library Affairs at King Abdul-Aziz University was inaugurated in the academic year 1387/1388 H and was  represented by the Central Library and branch libraries colleges of the university.

 In the year 1391 / 1392 H,  the university library was  relocated to the building of the Faculty of Medicine, and in 1393/1394 H the collections from the  Fouad Shaker Library were added , and then in 1396 H, the  library was moved to another building consisting of one room  located next to the hall, and a few years later it was moved to its current location.

The new library building (14) was opened officially on 19.2.1408 H on an area of ​​7200 square meters, and the  Deanship of Library Affairs became a centrally organized  establishment  serving the Central Library, the university colleges as well as the various centers, Faculties and Departments, and Data Sections. It also serves other  libraries branches at other colleges, and Administrative and Financial Affairs. Services provided for Library users including, PeriodicalsSpecialist Collections,  Information Services,  Internet ServicesElectronic Library ServicesTechnical and  mechanization services.


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