Protocols and guidelines for the use of Electronic services

The library provides digital services free of charge to all users, students and teaching staff. These services include the following:  

The Internet Unit:

  • The library provides all users with access to Internet networks provided they are used for exclusively educational and research purposes.
  • The library accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of any sources of information accessed by users on the Internet. Full responsibility for any sources lies with the publisher.
  • The user should submit an application to use the Internet service. 
  • The library reserves the right to determine the time limit for users of the Internet service, according to the following table:

Time allocated

Category of user

Until  completion of  research

Teaching staff

One hour a day

Undergraduate students

One hour a day

Other employees

  • Protocols and guidelines for use of the Internet service.
  • Users are permitted to save any information and files they retrieve from the Internet.
  • Users are permitted to print any information and files they retrieve from the Internet under certain conditions.
  • The Internet service may not be used for the following purposes:
  1. Any purposes which contradict the library protocols, the university rules and regulations, and the local or international law.  
  2. Any actions which threaten, irritate or annoy any individuals or establishments, or the  publishing  of any private information about others without their permission.    
  3. Any violation of copyright laws or intellectual property rights. 
  4. Any actions which may jeopardize the library’s network by exploiting the service for inappropriate purposes.
  5. Any purposes that contradict the city laws and policies.
  6. Any actions which may cause damage or destruction of the library equipment, data and programs.
  7. Using emails for any purposes other than educational.
  8. Publishing immoral texts or videos.
  9. Using library resources or systems to represent the user or the library for  personal  or commercial gains.

  • Disciplinary action to be taken in case of breaches of any the above regulations:
  1. First warning
  2. Disconnection of the Internet service.
  3. The user will not be permitted to use the Internet.


  • The library provides the full text of required materials through  subscribed databases for all majors at the university. Users can access this service by using the  computers in their departments.
  • The majority of research results are available in English and only  a few in Arabic.
  • Users are permitted to use databases personally inside the library or alternatively they can request the help of library staff. In the latter case, the results of the search will be sent to them by email or they can be printed out. 
  • Users  can gain access to the library  databases at any time or location outside the library  through its website by following the steps below.

The user should enter their user name and password as follows:

User name: kaaunet \ID University

Password: your own password
  • The full text of materials can be accessed from the British library database by the following users: 

Number of articles allowed

Category of user

5 articles

Teaching staff

4 articles

MA. and Ph.D. students

2 articles

Undergraduate students


  • Guidelines and training for users on databases and search procedures.
  • Providing induction programs for students to inform them about the databases and search procedures.
  • Preparing workshops for teaching staff,  M.A. and  Ph.D. students, and other employees on a regular basis.


The digital library:

  • Providing guidance and instruction for users on how to use CD-ROMs.
  • Users should file a request to use the digital library.
  • Users can view CD-ROMs by using computers inside the digital service hall.
  • CD-ROMs are not available for loan.

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